Electric or petrol motorbike – which one to choose?

Electric vehicles are already gaining more and more supporters. This is supported by both economic and ecological arguments. Riding an electric motorcycle, for example, is superfast and comfortable. It saves a lot of time, what’s more, it favours the owner’s wallet. However, like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric bikes too.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are slowly becoming an inseparable element of the landscape of many European cities. We pass them every day – often without knowing that they are electric vehicles

Why is this happening? This is due to the fact that in terms of appearance, the electric car is basically not different from the combustion model. The difference, however, can be heard and… felt. The electric drive is silent, which is why it works so well in a crowded city.

The argument in favour of buying an electric motorcycle is of course an economic reason. Compared to the petrol version – operating costs are marginal. For example: driving 100 kilometres costs only about 3 pounds. On the other hand, a standard motorcycle consumes about 5 litres of petrol per hundred, which will cost us about 6-9 pounds.

The most important advantages of electric motorcycles:

  • the zero-emission drive is friendly to the environment and city residents, noiseless engine, which we will appreciate
  • very cheap operation
  • easy manoeuvring thanks to low tare weight,
  • free parking in the centre,
  • legal bus lane driving,
  • great dynamics, especially at low speeds.

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The most important disadvantages of electric motorcycles:

  • still quite limited range, sufficient in the city, but not necessarily for a trip on a further route,
  • for automotive fans, the disadvantage may be the characteristics of the drive, which does not emit a sound that is pleasant to their ears 🙂

Petrol motorcycle better than an electric?

If you are looking for transport in typically urban conditions – the electric version of the motorcycle will work better. However, if you are looking for sensations on longer routes – the choice is obvious – combustion engine.

The most important advantages of internal combustion motorcycles:

  • more fun to drive,
  • better performance,
  • pure engine sound.

Disadvantages of internal combustion motorcycles:

  • problematic and expensive service,
  • high operating costs,
  • increasing restrictions on internal combustion vehicles, especially in city centres.

Which one to choose? You need to decide what you will use your bike for and where you want to ride it the most. For more news on electric motorbikes please visit: https://carindustry.co.uk/

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