Are you planning to buy a motorcycle? Choose the right type of motorcycle for you!

Real and experienced fans and motorcycle owners know this division by heart. They have their own favorite types of motorbikes, as well as those that they don’t really like at all. However, if we have always liked motorcycles, and we have been planning to buy our first equipment for some time, the wealth of offers available on the market may put us in a slight shock. In recent years, the choice is very large – that’s why we have prepared a short guide to the types of motorbikes. Let’s start with the most basic for any novice.

Classic motorcycles

It’s basically the standard type of motorcycle. Today it is not so popular anymore. It is characterized by a traditional and simple structure. Upright position, no fairing, very often a round lamp in the front. Although the new models could easily be produced 20 years ago. Thanks to its timeless design, there will always be fans of this type of equipment.

Naked Bike, Street Bike, Street and all-rounders

Already the first category can confuse our mind. Not only is there a lot of names, but they also appear in additional varieties and subcategories. Its main features are the lack of fairings, an upright position on the motorcycle and its universal character. As for the style, it is rather modern and differs from classic models.

Sports motorcycles

We will recognize this type of motorcycle immediately. When we look at it, we immediately associate it with high speeds and a racing position on a motorcycle. In these models, we will most often deal with full fairings and a significantly lowered position behind the wheel.

Sport-touring motorcycles

It’s basically a styling mix. Here we combine a sporty look and a full fairing, but after the position behind the wheel we will immediately feel that it is not a fully sports motorcycle. It combines the features of speed and maneuverability, as well as convenience and comfort on long journeys. A very universal type of motorbikes.

Touring motorcycles

When we think about touring bikes, we immediately think of trunks and panniers on the sides, as well as a large windshield coming out of a full fairing. A fully upright position in which our priority is a comfortable ride on very long routes.

SUV motorcycles

A combination of off-road and touring motorcycles. We will see here, first of all, a large fender under the semi-fairing. in addition, a high, fast, very simple position and trunks.

Chopper / Cruiser

Another group that could be divided into further subcategories. In this group we can find different engine sizes, but a certain American styling straight from a rock music video is always easily recognizable. Sitting down to the ground and keeping your legs forward is a classic chopper position. In addition, a higher and wider steering wheel.


Any motorcycle that you will not be afraid to enter the forest or any other type of terrain will fit into this category. This type of motorcycle is easy to recognize from the large wheels and off-road tires. Plus, a long-travel high suspension allows you to take slopes with ease.


There is probably nothing to explain here. You can recognize the scooter by its very small wheels, very upright position, automatic gearbox and a cash register box just under the seat.

Which model will be perfect for you? We encourage you to search further and visit showrooms or commission shops where you will find your dream model.

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