Bentley – Brand history, legendary models, current offer

Bentley is the UK’s largest and most luxurious car manufacturer. Founded in 1919, Bentley has continued to manufacture luxury cars for its discerning customers ever since. Bentley’s signature vehicle is the Continental GT, which first appeared in 2003 and was then redesigned and introduced to the market in 2017. The company also offers many other models including the Flying Spur, Bentayga SUV, Mulsanne sedan, as well as a line of sporty two-seater cars called the EXP 10 Speed ​​6 Concept Car

The current owner of the Bentley, Volkswagen AG, acquired it from Rolls Royce plc. Volkswagen continues to roll out new and exciting models with Bentley’s largest factory now in Crewe, England.

The Bentley logo – an icon of British luxury

The icon of British luxury, the Bentley logo, is the result of the knowledge of founder W.O. Bentley as an engineer and his love of flying. In fact, the inside of the logo shows a 16-blade propeller, symbolizing W.O.’s love. Bentley for aircraft and his desire to equip vehicles with powerful engines early in his career.

Drawing inspiration from Bentley’s passion for engineering and design, it becomes clear why the company has made such great progress with the launch of the new Continental GT.

Bentley – brand history

Since 1919, the Bentley company has been producing luxury cars for discerning customers

1919 marked the beginning of Bentley’s performance car legacy when W.O. Bentley created its first car, an impressive machine that could compete with cars from major brands

In 1920, a fire destroyed Bentley’s factory, and Bentley moved to a new location in Derby, where the company was named Bentley Motors Ltd. after its founder. During this time, W.O. Bentley has already designed its iconic B-wing emblem on the car’s radiator grille.

1931 was an important milestone as Bentley Motors launched its first sports car, the New Bentley 3 Liter, which over time became more than 150 pounds lighter than the original model.

In 1936, Bentley Motors made an even bigger leap as its 3.0-liter Speed ​​model won the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race, taking first place in the class and fifth overall. It was just one of eight Le Mans victories for Bentley cars.

Bentley celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 1952

1952 was a year of celebration for Bentley as it launched the first car to be called “Continental”, the Continental Drophead Coupe.

The logo of this iconic luxury car features a cut-out at the bottom, an elegant reference to the car’s front grille, which differed from other models in that it had vertical bars and a curved radiator.

In 1965, after having owned Bentley Motors for half a century, Rolls Royce bought the Bentley and continued to develop cars under both brands. In 1998, Volkswagen purchased a Bentley from Rolls Royce plc after a long legal battle.

The new millennium began with a roar when Bentley launched the mighty Continental R, equipped with a 6.75 liter V8 engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds.

In 2003, Bentley presented its flagship model – Continental GT. This car ushered in a new era for Bentley with performance and style that was even greater than the great Bentley cars of the past.

Always at the forefront of technology, Bentley launched its first hybrid model in 2012, the Mulsanne Hybrid. It was equipped with a supercharged 6-liter V8 engine that could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Bentley’s future

Now that all changes at Bentley as it prepares to launch its first-ever four-door five-seat sports luxury sedan, the Bentley Continental GT.

Drawing on the heritage of the brand founded in 1919, this new car features an elegant appearance, including a beautiful interior that is immediately recognizable as a traditional Bentley.

The power unit under the hood of this stylish car, which is equipped with the 6-liter W12 twin turbo engine. It can go from 0 to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds, thanks in part to the four newly designed 20-inch wheels that are more aerodynamic than previous Bentley models.

Bentley has also introduced innovative technologies to this new car, such as dynamic ride height control and the system of active anti-roll bars, which were designed to improve comfort.

The new Bentley Continental will become even more popular than the legendary models of the past

There is no doubt that this elegant sedan is doomed to greatness like all other Bentley models for the past 85 years.

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