Prepare your car for a trip to the mountains

When going to the mountains, whether in summer or winter, it is worth ensuring that your car is properly prepared. It’s not just about technical performance, but also about safety during the journey.

Travelling is a great adventure, but to be able to enjoy it without stress and unnecessary surprises, it is worth preparing well. To avoid forgetting important things or missing essential accessories, we have prepared a list of items you should have with you when you travel.

  1. Washer fluid and diesel fuel are essential for the proper operation of your car in winter. Windscreen washer fluid helps to keep the windscreens clean while driving, while diesel ensures that the engine is properly lubricated.
  2. Windscreen defroster will make it easier to clear snow from the vehicle and remove frost from the windows. It works more effectively than a classic scraper and will allow you to clear the view from your car quickly and easily.
  3. Lock defroster will help you to insert the key into a frozen lock, which can be problematic in cold weather. However, care should be taken as too frequent use of the defroster can lead to the lock jamming.
  4. Silicone gasket cleaner ensures that the seals will not break due to cold temperatures, preventing cold air from entering the car and making it harder for the doors to freeze.
  5. Starter cables will enable you to start your car if the battery discharges in the cold. They are particularly useful in emergency situations when the car cannot be started with the keys.
  6. Snow chains will allow you to drive on frozen pavement with sufficient grip. They are an effective solution in the absence of winter tyres or when very difficult road conditions prevail. Chains with automatic tensioning are easier to use, as they do not need to be manually tensioned after driving a 100-metre stretch of road.

How important are winter tyres when going to the mountains?

Winter tyres are very important when going to the mountains, as they provide adequate grip to the road surface and better stability of the car in difficult weather conditions. Winter tyres have a special tread that provides better grip on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. They also have more tread than summer tyres, which allows water and mud to be better evacuated from the road.

Going to the high mountains in winter with summer or all-purpose tyres may not be a good idea in the event of significant snowfall.

Roof racks – the best solution for transporting skis in the car

If you are planning a ski or snowboarding trip, you will probably need to take your skis or boards with you. You can, of course, opt for checked baggage transport, but this is often an expensive and not very convenient solution. An alternative is to carry your skis in the car, and for this purpose roof racks are perfect.

How do I choose a roof rack?

Choosing a roof rack is an important decision, because among other things your safety and convenience when driving depend on it. Here are some points to bear in mind when choosing a roof rack:

  • Type of attachment: Roof racks can be attached in a variety of ways. The most popular are racks that attach directly to the roof rails, but there are also models with roof handle mounts or special adapters for cars without rails. Choose the solution that best suits your car.
  • Maximum load capacity: Every roof rack has a specific maximum load that it cannot exceed. Make sure that the model you choose will be able to accommodate all the necessary items and that its load capacity will be adapted to the weight of your car.
  • Material and construction: roof racks can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, aluminium or steel. It is important that they are sturdy and robust, as well as weatherproof. Check that the carrier has properly secured locks and that the design ensures that your equipment is securely fastened.

Remember to read the manual carefully before you buy and check that the carrier is suitable for your car. If in doubt, consult a professional or the manufacturer.

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