Pickup in Europe? Is it worth buying an American truck for European roads?

In recent years, we have seen increased interest in all kinds of SUVs in Europe with the best sales figures. In addition, pick-ups began to appear on the European market – whether they were transferred directly from the American market or created specifically for a European customer.

What are the characteristics of a pick-up car?

Pick-ups were developed as commercial vehicles. For many years associated mainly with workers, owners of construction companies or American farms. Over the years, they have become much more comfortable, better equipped, and in their richest versions practically luxurious. The type, make and model of the pick-up we choose should depend on its intended use.

Despite the richer range and equipment, it is still a car that is, above all, practical. High engine power, large size and a characteristic crate.

The pick-up box is a practical solution due to its complete separation from the passenger compartment of the car. Luggage is more difficult to access while driving, but we have greater possibilities of securing or securing it, as well as the possibility of transporting dirty things that we have never put in the trunk of the car. After all, it is enough to rinse the pack with water due to the metal or plastic bottom. We don’t have to worry about the condition of the upholstery or other decorative elements.

Selected pick-ups available on European markets

The dealers’ offers do not include all the models that are available on the American market without any problems. Due to the restrictions on exhaust emissions, customer habits and the enormous size, some models in Europe would not be successful.

Toyota Hilux

The legendary model of this Japanese manufacturer, available for sale since 1968, undergoes new changes every few years, which are required by the market. Hilux is equipped primarily with reliable and economical engines that will easily ensure comfortable towing of trailers. The current version is a strong silhouette, solid workmanship and durable elements. The interior is already very comfortable, unlike the older models of this type of car.

Ford Ranger

Here, in turn, we are dealing with another classic – this time a real pick-up straight from America. Ford Ranger available with single and double cab, modern engines, 10-speed automatic transmission, systems such as trailer trajectory control, the possibility of wading to a depth of 80 cm, 4X4 drive or parking assistant is a full-fledged, powerful utility vehicle with an off-road jam and all modern solutions that affect driving comfort.

SsangYong Musso Grand

The South Korean manufacturer SsangYong Motor also prepared a pick-up in its offer. At the moment, it is definitely less popular than the first two models presented by us, but quite dynamically gaining its fans. A car built on a frame, with a reducer, powerful engine and four-wheel drive. It is characterized by a spacious interior, large size and practicality.

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu is a Japanese car manufacturer. Already the second in this ranking. It is a brand known primarily to automotive experts in the context of vans. The D-Max car was created in cooperation with the GM concern, on some markets available as Holden Rodeo, Chevrolet D-Max with Isuzu Rodeo feel. A brief description of the car could be summed up in the words mediocre appearance, cheap interior and powerful engines. It will work primarily as a commercial vehicle and for work than as a convenient alternative to an SUV.

Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 is another typical work-utility structure, which with its simple character makes it an ideal car for many people. A powerful, large, but ordinary diesel engine, a classic automatic transmission and suspension make the model far from the comfort of an SUV, but beats them with practicality. First of all, it is a solid, Japanese pickup without many gadgets, but folded in a way that makes it easier to work with.

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator is a return to pickups straight from the American market. A classic car front end that will be recognized by any motoring fan. It’s more of an off-road car with a practical rear pack. However, we have very good equipment available here. The model is based on the Jeep Wrangler and fans of this model will recognize many common parts here. A car for a fan of motorization, off-road driving combined with the practical construction of a car than for use in everyday work.

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